Restorative Respite Program One Year Anniversary

Elderly people who are eligible for residential respite can improve their physical function with a personalised, supervised program. Then after a few short weeks they can return home and enjoy the benefits.

People can use this program if they have been in hospital and then had a hospital rehabilitation program, but they still need to make further progress in order to return home. They might be someone who has suffered a stroke, a heart attack, or have been recovering from a fall.

Or they might use the program if they have been living at home and they want to improve their mobility and independence so that they are not at risk at home. They might want to make things easier for their carer.

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In any case it can be difficult getting back on your feet, but at OLOC so we provide the facilities, expertise and support to help they achieve their goals and be able to go back home.
We work closely with the local Rehabilitation hospitals and people participating on the program are admitted under the care of a visiting medical rehabilitation specialist.

Using validated assessment tools we identify areas of weakness and design a comprehensive program to improve people’s balance, strength and mobility.

Participants come to the Gym to work on their program twice a day and have a self- initiated program to follow on weekends.

We help our clients to set small, realistic goals so they can see the progress that they make.

Then in a few short weeks participants can return home with their program completed and get on with their life with new found confidence.