in Restorative Respite

Our Restorative Respite Program is for those people who are at risk of needing residential care because of their reduced physical function but who really want to continue living at home. It is a short stay residential respite program that helps people avoid or delay permanent placement.

Our typical client might have been in hospital and perhaps then on a short hospital rehabilitation program, but they still need to make further progress in order to return home. They might be someone who has suffered a stroke, a heart attack, or have been recovering from a fall.

Or they might use the program if they have been living at home and they want to improve their mobility and independence so that they are not at risk at home. They might want to make things easier for their carer.

OLOC Get Yourself Moving Programs bring together health, exercise and rehabilitation professionals who work directly with an older person, their doctor and their primary carers to build an exercise program tailored to their needs.

The team assesses a person’s ability, identifies their areas of weakness, and talks to them about their personal goals before starting them on their program.

A restorative respite program is particularly useful to people who

  • are preparing to return home after a hospital stay or rehabilitation program and think they could be fitter, healthier, more active or able
  • choose to live at home and want to stay there, independent and mobile for as long as possible
  • want to reduce their risk of falling or
  • who have a carer who is concerned about their ability to continue at home.

Whatever your individual circumstances OLOC’s GYM programs can provide you with the facilities, expertise and support to remain active and independent at home for longer.

We have had multiple success with this program, allowing people to get back home rather than needing to move into residential care.