in Residential Care

At OLOC’s Residential Aged Care campus each resident can choose to participate in some form of group exercise program or exercise based activity.

There are 61 exercise classes or exercise based activities on offer across OLOC’s residential campus every week. Every resident can find a level of participation which is interesting, challenging and convenient. The range of activities is diverse and includes exercise classes to build strength, simulated sports activities using  Xbox Kinect, exercise classes for people with dementia, daily walking groups  in the gardens, or the serenity of a tai chi class.

We understand that exercise needs to be  fun and relevant if people are to stay engaged with exercise.

We also have targeted classes that suit people who have particular chronic health conditions.

More intensive GYM programs are available to residents who are assessed as needing them,  so they can do more for themselves, be stronger, or be more independent. These intensive programs can be particularly effective for residents who are recovering from an illness or an injury and who are eager to build on their level of ability.

The assessment helps identify where a GYM program can make a real and positive difference. It gives the GYM team a baseline from which they can track a person’s progress and helps them to stay flexible to a person’s changing needs.

Depending on the outcome of their individual assessment a resident has open to them:

  • More intensive group programs designed to restore people’s previous level of function wherever possible;
  • Targeted exercise classes that improve balance, strength, flexibility or mobility;
  • A pain clinic that offers treatment alternatives and access to a clinical psychologist for people with chronic pain conditions.

GYM programs bring together health, exercise and rehabilitation professionals who work directly with residents and the latest equipment in our purpose built GYM facility.

In residential care, OLOC Get Yourself Moving programs offer people the facilities, expertise and support to help them be more active and independent, achieve their goals and be more able to do the things they want to do.